Son of Summer

by Ben Perdue

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released September 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Ben Perdue Boston, Massachusetts

Ben Perdue is a Boston based acoustic singer and songwriter, whose songs are driven by flowing melodies and imagery-filled lyricism.

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Track Name: Son of Summer
I saw a picture of you today
And I knew I had forgotten
It was that girl that took me away
To a long since lost land of love lost long since
Where S.O.S.s in the sand gave way to hearts containing our names
Forever ago now blown away

And her hair was light with the love of summer
And I was the son of sunshine
When your eyes get grey with the cold of winter
I'll warm them back to blue with this love of mine.

I was yours to keep, but our souls are just escapists
fighting with our own bodies as they try to escape us.
These fights: reflections of within us
We turn to turmoil and forsake trust
What we should hold closest: the first thing we give up.

I was the son of summer looking for love from a moon's daughter.
I was the son of summer looking for love from a moon's daughter.
Oh, I was the son of summer looking for love, still looking for love.
Track Name: One Second Older
She never watches the weather
Because she's always the last to know when rain is falling.

But she's the first to smile when she feels
The sun drawing freckles on her shoulders.
And I'm one second older
As we've discussed, I don't think one lifetime of this is enough.

And that kiss that night
Snowflakes melting on your cheeks
And your eyes beheld mine.
Oh I can't deny I get lost remembering your lips on mine
I will admit I think about it more than time to time.

I'm dancing like I mean it for the first time in my life and I can't stop.
Dance with me, I can't stop.
Track Name: June
Your heart is your home, wherever you go
Just please don't forget me when you get there.
My forehead is burning with a love for this girl and
The feeling might burn me to death
Oh this feeling might burn me to death.

For my whole life I've been wandering
If only to collapse in her arms.
Oh that look in her eyes is the life in my veins
And she's got everything that I want

If you run away I'll go with you
Got a full tank of gas and an out of date map
That will keep me in the arms of my June
And all I can ask is that this won't end soon.

Just keep me in the arms of my June.